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FALL 2016 - Parking Validation Program

Starting September 1st we have partnered with LAZ Parking to validate your parking in the garage. The deck is now 24 hours, so you can safely park there for dinner and enjoy a show and not fear rushing back to the deck to retrieve your car.

The system for validation is quite simple. Park as you normally would and take a ticket. When you sit down for your meal here at Table 24 just let your server know you parked in the deck. When you’ve finished we will give you a green card similar to the original one you got when you pulled in. Upon leaving put that original ticket into the machine first, then put the green ticket you got from us in after. The machine will show a zero balance and the doors will go up!

There isn’t a minimum purchase required for this program, just a desire to continue to deliver exceptional hospitality and value to our guests. You will receive your ticket after your meal whether it’s lunch or dinner, or just drinks and appetizers at the bar.